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October 10, 2022

Montessori Baby: Dressing for Cool Weather

One of the biggest shifts I made as I've become a Montessori parent has been an appreciation for getting children outdoors. Maria Montessori was clear that in nature children reveal their true selves. Her environments were designed for children to move freely between the indoors and the outside. 

But, I'm not going to lie, it was hard for me to want to get outside when the weather was less than ideal. Overtime, this has shifted and I've recognized that as long as we are all dressed appropriately, getting outside in cool weather can be really great. 
As it rapidly gets cold here in Minnesota, I'm thinking about what our clothes options are to allow for Penelope to join us outside as much as possible this winter. In addition to keeping her warm, I want clothing that is going to allow her the maximum amount of freedom of movement and support her natural gross motor development. 

Penelope is going to be in an interesting spot this winter. She is older than most of my other babies have been during their first winter, but she isn't going to be walking. It will mean that a lot of her body will be on the ground if she will be out exploring (outside of something like a sled or stroller.) It's going to mean we need a combination of layers and options to keep her warm and toasty! 

Cool Weather Clothing Choices for Babies 

For cooler Autumn days here is my plan: 

Depending on how warm or cool the day is we can just remove accessories. 

Cold Weather Clothing Choices for Babies

For the deeper winter, here's what I'm planning: 

The nice thing about the snow bunting that we use is that they are very roomy. So if it's really cold, we can add her hat/gloves on under the bunting for an extra layer of warmth. 

I look forward to watching Penelope discover the outdoors this winter and seeing all the changes that happen in our world this Autumn. Being prepared for the weather will make it even more fun for all of us! 

A look at how we will dress our Montessori baby for autumn and winter to prioritize warmth and freedom of movement.

This post is week 35 of my Montessori Baby series featuring Penelope. 


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