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August 02, 2022

Montessori Baby - Favorite Toys at 5 Months

Penelope is such a love of a baby. She is so happy, calm, and observant. I don't think it's super productive to compare babies but she is a lot like Gus was. Very super chill and not very movement motivated. While she can roll to her belly and back to her back, and scoot on her back, she is very content to just sit still and just watch all the action around her. 

This month she has been much more interested in using toys than ever before. As a Montessori parent, I'm looking for materials that support where she is in her development -- things that help her move, things that are engaging her senses, and things that are supporting her fine motor skills. 

This list is not comprehensive of everything she has played with this month, but is a list of her favorites. Please remember that every baby will be different, and that this list even looks different from her siblings favorites at this age.  (Teddy | Gus | Nora)

Montessori Baby Toys at 5-Months-Old

  • Glitter Drum - a Montessori baby classic, I love the soothing noise and it's so engaging for spinning, kicking or just watching
  • Haba Sensory Ball - great sensory experience, and rolls just enough to encourage a little movement
  • Microfiber cloths - a new one for our family, and just a great light-weight, easily washed sensory toy
  • Dolio-Style Rattle (similar) - use with supervision but Penelope loves the sound this makes
  • Winkle - fun to hang, or use on its own, easy to grab and chew
  • Various Rattles - (Haba Clacker, Silicone teether, Haba Triangles, Interlocking metal rings, Honeycomb Rattle) I just picked a few that we have, the Haba ones are old but any similar rattles are fun to explore

  • Lovevery Wobbler - I bought this used, but I wish it made a noise. Penelope does love trying to grab it
  • Oball Classic / Knobbed Ball - perfect for chewing and for encouraging movement
  • Mini Sensory Bottles - fun to look at and make pleasing sounds
At any given day I just pick a few of the materials to place in her area. I try to stick to around 4-5 choices at a time then rotate throughout the day and week. 

A look at some Montessori friendly baby toys for 5-month-old babies. These toys are engaging and developmentally appropriate.

This post is week 25 of my Montessori baby series focusing on Penelope

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