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February 21, 2020

Favorite Toys at 5 Months - Montessori Baby Week 22

At 5 months, Teddy is really starting to explore the world around him. Over the last couple weeks, he has gone from rolling occasionally to rolling around in search of things to explore. It's been really fun watching him and seeing which things he finds interesting and engaging. I thought I would share a few of his favorites at 5 months. He has other options available to him which we rotate in, but these are the few that he gravitates towards the most.

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Montessori Baby Toys at 5-Months-Old

At this point, Teddy's favorite things are smaller grasping rattles that he can bring to his mouth. I have introduced a couple things (like interlocking disks) that can be used to encourage more movement, but so far they aren't his favorites. He's just in love with chewing and moving toys from one hand to the next. His favorites right now include: 


  • Grasping Beads: These have a lovely texture, shape and size
  • Como Tomo Teether: this is his favorite favorite right now, it's the perfect teether 
  • Skwish: Makes such a fun sound, and is a great shape 


  • Interlocking rings: he loves the metal 
  • Silicone Teether: he just loves to eat this, it's a bit large still for his face, but it must feel so good in his mouth
  • Rubber Ball: also excellent for eating, but also super easy for grasping and rolls just slightly 

Theodore also has a couple "larger" things that he really loves right now that aren't rattles. They include: 

Glitter Drum: As I've talked about before, this is such a great one for this age, and I expect it will be a favorite for awhile 

DIY Ribbon Mobile: This is another favorite favorite, he just loves this tactile mobile and spends long periods of time using it. 

A look at some Montessori friendly favorite baby toys at 5 months old

And, that's it! Those are the things he loves the most. What does your 5 month old love? 

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