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May 28, 2022

Practical Life and Art Ideas from IKEA

If you know me, then you know that I love a good IKEA run. I still maintain that there is someone in the Montessori community sneaky consulting for IKEA and making products that fit the needs of the Montessori community so well. Not only are the items great for a Montessori home, they are at a price point that we can all get behind! This is particularly true for furniture, practical life finds, and art! 


Let your kids make their own paint colors and explore color! Use an ice cube tray, paint brushes, and paint. Add black or white paint to one cup, then another color to one more cup. Leave two for mixing and see how shades can become darker or lighter by painting directly onto the easily washed tray

Seashell Exploration

Fun for the summer or after a trip to the beach! Combine this tray with a small basket, and seashells. For more fun, combine with a small brush for cleaning the shells or magnifying glass to explore them.  

Bubble Making

Whipping up some bubbles is a fun way to build hand strength for toddlers and preschoolers. For older kids, add a little food coloring and make it a fun painting experience! Organize the work on a tray with sides to contain mess, add a Small whiskSoap PumpSmall Bowl, and a dash of water. 

Scrubbing Station

Perfect for outdoors, especially in the summer. My kids love to scrub their shoes, or their bikes. For a super simple scrub work, pair a water safe bin, a bowl for water, a small hand brush, and a towel for drying. You may want to add soap depending on what you're cleaning too! 

Easy to make Montessori practical life and art tray ideas from products found at IKEA for a variety of ages and environments.

What are some of your favorite Montessori friendly IKEA finds?!


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