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May 25, 2022

Montessori Baby: Grasping Rings

Penelope was on the floor the other day playing with her hanging bell mobile. She was watching it move as a slight breeze moved through the house. Slowly, I watched, as she lifted both her little hands, brought them together and slowly but surely grasped the ribbon bringing the bell to her chest. It was an incredible moment of intentional grasping and movement. And, a good reminder that she is ready for more and more grasping opportunities. 

And, it just so happens that I've been waiting for this moment! As Maria Montessori said, "The first movements of his small hand toward external objects should thus be eagerly awaited." I'm excited because not only is it a big moment for Penelope, but because I'm a baby toys geek and I'm excited to see them in action again! And, right now, with this (1) discovery of her hands (2) intentional grasping of objects, it's time for grasping rings! 

Why I Love Grasping Rings 

Grasping rings are a great choice for early play. One, they are perfectly sized for baby hands and bodies. They aren't too big or heavy like some other rattles and teethers can be. Two, they can't be picked up "wrong" no matter how a baby approaches the ring. Three, easy and safe to explore with their mouths. They aren't going to choke or gag on a ring, it's completely safe even with their less mature movements. Four, there are so many great options for grasping rings that they can still get a lot of good sensorial impressions from this type of toy. 

Favorite Grasping Rings at 3-Months-Old

We have a variety of grasping rings available to Penelope during the day. It is definitely not necessary to have all of these, but it is nice to have a couple of different textures or styles for a baby to enjoy. I keep them all in a basket, and then just rotate on the fly which I offer or place around Penelope.

Metal Rings - These are great because they are smaller but they also make such an appealing noise. These are one of Penelope's favorites right now. 

Wooden Rings - Classic Montessori baby option! These are simple perfection 

Crochet Ring - Ours is from Monti Kids (they have since updated design a bit) but here is a similar option. This also makes a great little noise and has a fun texture. 

Sarah's Silks Teething Ring - This is another massive hit with Penelope. I love that the ring is a bit thicker and makes it easy for her to grasp the attached silk. 

These really make up a lot of the toys that Penelope is playing with these days, in addition to her baby paper, bell rattle, and tactile mobiles

This post is week 15 of my Montessori baby series focusing on Penelope.  

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