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September 24, 2021

Our Favorite Religious Books for Kids

In our Montessori home, books are an everyday part of our lives. There isn't a day that goes by that we aren't spending at least some time reading. Like I've mentioned before, one of the ways we help to teach our children our Catholic faith is by reading children's books. We have a large variety of books that we reach to to discuss our religious faith and traditions. 

I thought I would share our favorites. These are just generally about Catholicism, Saints, or Jesus in general. I didn't include any on specific holidays or celebrations. 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

I also thought I would share a few of the books that are currently on my religious book wish list. These include: 
We also make it a point to expose our children to other religious traditions and religions using books. We often find these at our local library. I don't feel confident recommending books from traditions that I don't practice myself, so I haven't included any here. I also know there are tons of great options that are not on this list. 


Are there any books that you would have included?

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kgoss said…
Loved seeing these suggestions!