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December 14, 2020

Waldorf Window Stars FAQs and Tutorials

Each Advent I take a little time for self-care each day. It's such a busy season that I find having a few minutes to just relax for myself really helps me be a better parent each day. We all know that Montessori parenting is so much about being the prepared adult - which is really hard if we don't some time to fill our own cups. One thing that I have found deeply interesting, relaxing and mentally stimulating is making Waldorf window stars. 

I typically try to make one per day for each day during Advent. I try usually to quietly meditate while I work or chat with a friend and have some adult interaction. They are very beautiful and I leave them up for the dark winter for a bit of cheer and color. I am by no means an expert here, but I thought I would share some of the stars I have made this year (check out the free PDF for instructions!) and some FAQs. 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

What do you need to make them? 

These stars are super simple to make, you'll need: 

Do these have religious significance for you? 

No, they don't. I make during Advent in order to slow dow and fill my cup during a busy time of year. But these can be made all year long, for any season. 

How do you make them? 

Put simply these are made by folding and gluing paper together into different patterns. Depending on how you fold, different geometric options shine through the paper. While there are some different patterns online and in books, I often just play around with the paper to create patterns on my own. One of the things I love about these stars is that you really get to be creative and every single star is unique. 

I created a PDF with 7 different star designs for you to try! These are all based on just two simple styles that are perfect for beginners just starting to fold these stars. I definitely encourage you to be creative with these, mix colors, add an extra fold! Every choice you make will help to make these stars extra unique and interesting.

Do you need to use kite paper or will tissue paper work? 

I have personally never used tissue paper. I think the color mixing would work, but it might be much more fragile without the waxy quality of the kite paper. 

Do your children make these? 

Usually this is something that I do for self-care without my children. But, at least once a season I do sit down with my kids and make these stars with them. My bigger kids (Henry and Nora) could definitely make these independently as a project. 

How do you make them different sizes? 

If you want a larger star, then you can fold an entire sheet of paper. If you're looking for smaller stars, fold and cut the paper into fourths or even eights. Once you have a smaller square you can follow the steps to make the star. 

How do you attach to your window? 

I just use the tape and fold it over. I place the folded side toward the outside of the window. 

 And, that's it! If you have other questions about Waldorf Stars, let me know and I can add some answers!

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