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December 08, 2020

Play and Activities at 11-Months

If you're reading this in real time then you'll know that Teddy is not 11-months-old. I'm going back in time a bit to do some Covid related post catch up! Before I completely forget, I want to share some more information about older babies, specifically Ted. 

At 11-months-old Teddy is a busy little mover. He is still mostly crawling but is starting to walk between objects and pulls up on everything. Movement is where most of his day is spent. He's in and out of things, he is up and down the stairs, he is back and forth. I think one of his most favorite activities is simply throwing anything for him to go and retrieve. 

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In my mind, activities are those things that fill our day that aren't directly playing with a toy. It can be practical life work, movement, or something planned. Sometimes we did these things once, others were done daily, I really just follow his lead and interest. Here are some of the activities that Teddy engaged in at 11-months-old:
  • Starting to eat with a fork that I have pre-loaded 
  • Turning off and on light switches 
  • Up and down the stairs - very very interested in this
  • "Reading" books - turning the pages, looking at them by himself and with an adult
  • Watching the world outside the window 
  • Mastering drinking from an open cup
  • Wandering around outside, especially in our garden
  • Banging things together
  • Pushing anything that could move
  • Giant Object Permanence Box
Hopefully, you can see that most of this is just super simple. It's less about planning things for him to do and more about allowing exploration to happen naturally in the environment. 


I consider Teddy's materials at this age to be the toys that he was playing with. I think he visited his shelf at least once per day. Sometimes that would mean engaging with toys for 5 seconds and sometimes it would mean staying there for an hour. It really just depended on the day and his feelings. His favorite materials at this age were:

Other things that he had on his shelf at this age were: 

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