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October 21, 2020

What's In, What's Out at 13 Months

At 13 months there is so much change in Teddy! He is very much leaving his baby days behind and moving into toddlerhood. With that I've noticed lately that the toys he is reaching for on the shelves have changed as well. I love observing him, taking note, and making changes accordingly! While he is super into gross motor movement (especially throwing), Teddy is also ready for some more challenge. I see him working his wrist and finger movements, I see him ready for some more logic challenges, and more language opportunities!

Here's a look at the toys that are in and those that are out! 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

What's Out

These are the toys that I have noticed that Ted seems to have lost interest in. Some of these may make a reappearance later on but some are ready to be retired altogether. 

Object Permanence Box - Ted finally seems done with this toy! It's been on his shelves since he was around 8 months old, so it has seen a lot of use! This probably won't come back on his shelves. 

Peg and Cup, Egg and Cup, Palmer Block - Ted has really loved these over the last few months, but he is ready to move on. They are being used mostly for throwing now. Again, these aren't likely to make their way back, he is ready for bigger fine motor challenges. 

Ring Stacker - this stacker has also been on Teddy's shelves for many months, but he still hasn't quite mastered it. He can remove and place a ring, but hasn't gotten the order down. But since he isn't using it right now, I will rotate away for awhile and see if he returns with new eyes in a bit. 

What's In

These are the things Teddy is super into right now. This is the work he is returning to time and and time again. I would say each of these is seeing daily use right now.

Ball Push Toy - This is literally Teddy's favorite toy right now. It is so satisfying and I think a really great way to move forward from the object permanence box. He isn't color matching right now, but I love that he can discover that as he gets older. 

Pincer Block - This is IN, big time. Unlike the others, the tiny little pincer grip of this block is really really calling to Teddy right now. I love how much this works his fingers. 

Flip Lid Coin Box - This is so simple and yet just so perfect for toddlers at this stage. Teddy can use this for long periods of time and is getting really successful at getting the coin in the box. 

I love seeing Ted at work, and I can't wait to rotate some of these "out" toys away and give him some fresh options. Toddlers are just so much fun! 

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What is in for your young toddler right now? 

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