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October 27, 2020

Shared Montessori Playroom for 3-year-old

A few weeks ago when I was rearranging our playroom to make it more inclusive for Teddy, I started by moving our shelves around the room. I really just needed to vacuum and mop under them after a dusty summer. I had intended to move them back to a similar location but while I was cleaning, something happened - Gus found a little nook. And, he took over. 

When I finished my task of cleaning and setting out the rug, I went to move our shelves back and Gus was adamant that I could not. That would destroy his "tent." And his tent was for his work. I took a step back and evaluated what I wanted from the room. I knew that Teddy needed something to replace his movement area and that Gus needed a work space. 

Would this work? Did it give them both what they needed out of the room? Would Gus be successful in seeing and using his work? Would Teddy have the movement and access to his materials? Turns, out it did! So, I decided to try it, see how it worked in the long term. 

After a few weeks, it is working! Teddy is less attracted to the small nook and therefore mostly leaves Gus' work alone. Gus has a quiet and cozy little space where he can go and work on puzzles and other small work. 

This isn't to say that Gus is confined to the little "tent" - he still has access to the practical life shelf and can frequently be seen using the Pikler. He can take his work into the large part of the room to join us. But, it does give him options. 

This has been a lovely reminder how simple Montessori spaces can be. And a reminder in how following the child is best for everyone! 

Have you ever followed your child's design suggestions?


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Alexis said…
Gorgeous! What are the white bookshelves you use? Are they from IKEA or somewhere else? Thanks! said…
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