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October 29, 2020

Montessori Young Toddler - First Shoes

By following Teddy's own path to natural gross motor development, he really has exploded into movement over the last six weeks. At 11 months, he was still mostly crawling, but by his first birthday he was solidly a walker. Now, at 13-months, he is getting fast! Some would say even close to running. He's climbing. He's seeking maximum effort as he walks while carrying things. He is even (much to my personal horror) exploring with walking down stairs. 

With all this movement, I need to be aware of how we are supporting it through the choices we make for his footwear. I find it personally, very important to keep young children barefoot as much as possible. That means no socks, and no shoes. Both can limit sensory input. Shoes, in particular, can effect balance and foot development.  In reality, however, there are times when both can be beneficial and help to keep little tiny feet safe. 

Now that we are moving into the winter, it is one of those times. We've had very early snow and cold this year and outdoor shoes and boots are a must. When I'm looking for a first shoe, I'm looking for something that will be as close to barefoot as possible. For shoes that means soft sole and super flexible. I'm also looking for something that I can get on easily - so my little toddler can help, but also because they typically don't have the patience to sit and wait for long. 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

First shoes for Montessori babies and toddlers. It is a must to have soft soled, easy to use shoes that support natural gross motor development.

Here are some other options for first shoes and boots: 

Right now Teddy is using two types of shoes. Little leather shoes from Starry Knight Designs and Little Ugg Boots (similar) when its chillier. As we move into winter, we will need something waterproof and taller. I've decided to try Baby Bogs.

What have you used for first shoes and boots?

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Anonymous said…
Have you looked at Little Love Bug Company?
michelle said…
When my kids were little, we used Robeez when not barefoot. Then moved to Stride Rite early walkers when something more substantial was needed for school. Now we LOVE Vivobarefoot and Splay.