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May 14, 2020

Montessori Friendly Finds I Wish I Could See at IKEA

You guys know how much I love IKEA, right? Well, it's been a hot minute since I've been able to go to IKEA with the Covid-19 crisis. Actually, it's been a minute since I've been to ANY store. I'm longing for the days of wandering around IKEA and exploring all that there is to see!

Well, it's starting to lead me to do a little more window shopping lately. And I decided I might as well share some of the cool looking Montessori friendly products I would love to be able to see in person. And, here are a few things I've found:

Montessori friendly finds for children and homes from IKEA.

Gardening Tool Set - I immediately love the large ring they are on, it makes me wonder if these would be small enough to give to my children. The ring would make it so easy to store outside on the garden fence!

Watering Can - hands down my favorite kid sized watering cans, I don't actually need a new one I just love this color

Washcloths - I love the sweet little rabbits on these, I actually can't get enough washcloths not that Teddy is eating solids! 

Quilted Baby Blanket - another super cute baby textile

Carpet Beater - I can imagine some fun practical life opportunities and some cleaner entry rugs with this! 

Board Book - I would love to see the inside of this 

Rattan Basket - I would love to see the size in person and feel this, I can imagine lots of possibilities for this

Baby Blanket - how sweet is this!?

Montessori friendly finds for children and homes from IKEA.

Small Pots - I would love to add some of these to the kids new outdoor area so they can explore planting random things they find without taking up my bigger pots 

Tablet Stand - this would actually be perfect for organizing Henry's school area 

Sand Toys - These look like the perfect little set for summer 

Meet the Tiger Book - my big kids would be so thrilled to read this

Folding Mattress - I wonder if this could be used as a Nugget-like play item!?

Whiteboard - this would also be perfect for organizing Henry's homeschool area!

Skinny Cart - this might be a great alternative to the larger cart for organizing art supplies in smaller spaces! 

I'm sure there are so many other great things that I would stumble upon while walking around IKEA while sipping my favorite lemonade icee. And, I can't wait to do so when it's safe. But until that time, I hope this was as fun a window shopping experience for you as it was for me! 

Montessori friendly finds for children and homes from IKEA.

Have you been doing any online window shopping from home lately? 

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Sue Denym
Sue Denym said…
I miss IKEA �� Thanks for the links!
Anonymous said…
I miss IKEA sooooooo much! I've made a list of all the things I want to get next time. We're also doing a kitchen remodel so I'm really looking forward to them opening again.