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April 01, 2020

A Note on Baby Shelves

I'm a little bit behind on writing about Theodore as we transition to our temporary homeschool and quarantine life but he's still here! We're all adjusting to more humans at home, and that includes Teddy. Even as a baby you can just tell he knows that life is a bit different now. And with that has come a lot more play time at home for him. That's not a bad thing! 

Starting with Montessori at home with your baby doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Here are a few tips on creating a Montessori baby area in your home.

Use What You have to Make a Baby Shelf

At this age, Teddy just needs a few things - time on the floor, exposure to language, nursing, and sleep! Here, I want to talk about time on the floor. At home, that's all he has if he is outside of someone's arms. Time on the floor is essential to develop all of the new motor skills that he is so driven to learn. My job in all of this is to create a space where Teddy can play and explore. 

Sometimes, I feel like there is a pressure in the Montessori community to create beautiful and perfect classroom like spaces. And, I love a good infant shelf and movement area myself! But, with all this time at home I want to feature an area that's a bit less "instagram perfect." It's just our living room, just a small space on our coffee table with a simple blanket on the floor. 

See the thing is about baby spaces is that they don't need to be perfect. They don't need to be elaborate. They don't need to be extra or expensive. Montessori from birth can be simple. If you are suddenly finding yourself at home thinking about how to make it work. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • keep it simple, low, and accessible 
  • pick just a few materials 
  • organize in it's "own" spot or in a basket/tray 

If this is a coffee table, great! If this is a corner of the floor, great! If its a shelf, great! The important thing is offering those opportunities for independence, for repetition, and concentration. 

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