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January 14, 2020

Our Multi-Age, Multi-Use Montessori Playroom

As a new year begins, I am feeling an itch to move all the things around in my house. This desire has been brewing for awhile as I have been watching my children work in their old art area. The area was starting to feel just a little bit small for my rapidly growing children. So I decided to make some changes, incorporating more of our art materials into our general play area.

A look at our multi-use, multi-age Montessori playroom, including art area and Montessori baby space.

The conclusion has been a new multi-use, multi-age play and art space. This space has been crafted now so that all of the kids can work and play in the space together. I've made a video tour of the space but I wanted to provide some details here too. 

The room is broken down into four main areas. They are: 

Baby Area

This sweet this little movement area is Teddy's main play area. He is currently 4-months old.

Practical Life Area

This area helps to organize a lot of the practical life work that my children do outside of the kitchen. It gives them access to water and cleaning supplies to undertake a variety of tasks. This area is mainly used by Gus (3-years-old) but all of the kids can use the space. Art work that is completed is stored under this shelf on a tray.

Art Shelves

These shelves are designed to work for all three of my older children, so it's a combination of open ended supplies and prepared work depending on the child that the material is intended for!

Work Shelves

This shelf is dedicated to Augustus' table work. That is the work that he uses that is intended to be used at a table. By keeping this in the space, Gus still gets to work in the lovely play room much like he did before this current change!

And, that's it! You can see the video here.

A look at our multi-use, multi-age Montessori playroom, including art area and Montessori baby space.


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M. said…
How do you store the things that are out of rotation? I struggle with that, as space is limited in our house and some toys and supplies are so. darn. big. Thanks!
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
Here is some more information on toy storage:
AE said…
What a lovely space!
Where can I find that cursive alphabet tracing board?? It's beautiful!
Raquel Antunes
Raquel Antunes said…
Hello Nicole, beautiful blog and beautiful family.
I am having a hard time separating the job from the my children the, oldest 4 years old and my youngest 17 months old. because the little one wants to work on the older work and often doesn’t even let her concentrate. Do you have any suggestions?