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August 26, 2019

Our Mini Montessori Newborn Nursery

As you may know, we’re busy checking off projects on the “before the baby is born” list around here. This weekend, I was focused on finally getting our mini-nursery space set up and ready for baby Theodore, our fourth Montessori baby. The Montessori prepared environment starts from birth. Montessori spaces for babies do not need to be big or complicated, and this space proves just that. 

A Montessori baby space designed for a newborn including a Snuzpod basinet, a low changing table, capsule wardrobe, and storage.

A Simple Montessori Newborn Room Sharing Space

Typically, we’ve had our babies sleep in a bassinet in our master bedroom for the first couple of months. But, everything else (floor bed, clothes, changing table) has all been in the baby nursery. Well, this time, all of that will be in one space in our adult bedroom. This allows for easy nighttime changes, and closer sleeping which I prefer for the first several months. 

Eventually, Gus, our third, will move out of the larger nursery and into the room he will share with his older sister Nora. But, Nora is having some sleep trouble (I’m blaming the new baby/summer routine for now) so his move has been delayed a bit. 

Anyway, our new little space is done. I’m thrilled with how it turned out. We are reusing the DIY wardrobe I made for Gus’ room. This contains everything we’ll need for those first couple months - so basically diapers and clothes. The drawer is storage for blankets and sleep sacks. You can see Teddy's little newborn sized capsule wardrobe; everything you see is everything we have. I'll keep you posted on how that goes! 

A small capsule wardrobe for infants in a Montessori home

On top, is our diaper changing area. We keep it super easy with a changing pad, and wipeable cover. I know some Montessorians start with changes on the floor, I find that physically too difficult right after giving birth. We tend to switch to lower changes once my child is more engaged in the process (like moving around a lot, or able to grab diapers.) 

Finally the spaces has our new bassinet. I’m super excited to try this out. Our old bassinet broke, so I spent some time on the hunt for a new one and settled on the Snuzpod (U.S. link - I ordered from UK because it was significantly cheaper.) I’m especially excited that it can move around easily, and I’m dreaming of outdoor baby naps this autumn! Inside you can see our topponcino - you can read more on that here

2023 Update: After having used thee Snuzpod for 2 babies, I can say that I LOVE it. It is so roomy, lasts a long time (Penelope easily used until she was 8 months old), it's easy to move around and set up. It allows for the baby to be part of the family since it can be moved easily, there's plenty of space for freedom of movement. All around, it has been worth the cost completely. 

All in all, it’s a pretty simple Montessori baby space that will be perfect for our early days together. I hope this makes those long nights a bit easier. And, I hope this helps you see that spaces for Montessori newborns do not need to be huge or complicated. A space that helps your baby get their needs meet while also allowing them freedom of movement goes a log way. 

Montessori baby spaces don't have to be large or complex. Here's a look at our simple Montessori nursery featuring a roomy basinet, capsule wardrobe, and all the things newborns need to get their needs met.

Does your baby room share for the first few months? 

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