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October 29, 2018

Materials to Support Cursive Writing

In both Nora and Henry's Montessori schools, the children are taught to write in cursive. There are many benefits to learning cursive writing from the start including the ease of the strokes, the clear difference in shape between each letter, and the natural connection between the letters which help children to understand to blend sounds together. {You can read more here about why Montessori specifically starts with cursive writing.} 

At home, I have made an effort to support my children's learning of cursive in a few ways. First, and I think most importantly, I MODEL cursive writing for them. This has been a big change for me over the last few years. But, I write almost exclusively in cursive now. Whether it's a grocery list, a calendar, or just a random note, I try to write in cursive. This makes cursive a real and practical means of writing for my children. It's not something they are just learning, but it's something that we actual use! 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

Toys and Materials that support cursive writing

Then, we provide a few materials that help them refine and learn the cursive strokes. As with all of the toys and materials in our home, these are not things we force our kids to use, but if they are called to practice (which they often are), they have these materials available. I thought I would share some of the materials we have, plus some other materials that help to support cursive writing. 

Toys and Materials that support cursive writing

*These are the products we actually have here at home.

Do your children learn cursive? Do you have a material you would add to this list? 

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