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October 25, 2018

Favorite Art Supplies from IKEA

If you've been around here for awhile, you know that I love IKEA. I've used IKEA stuff for soooo many areas of my Montessori home. But one area where you might not think about turning to IKEA is for art supplies. But, IKEA actually has a really great selection of Montessori friendly art supplies for kids. So I thought I would share some of my favorites! 

10 Montessori friendly art supply favorites from IKEA

1. Art Caddy - I saw this recently and its so cool! It has some great trays too that could be re-purposed for other awesome work

2. Easel - We love ours, plus it is easily cut down for toddlers! 

3. Stamps - These are some of my kids favorites! I love that they are bigger than traditional stampers. 

4. Paper Pack - I LOVE this paper pack, its such a great variety of colors and sizes for the price

5. Color Pencils - these are such a great size and are so pretty 

6. Paint Brushes - my absolute favorite! Great size for little hands and a nice variety, plus for the price you don't have to worry about them being destroyed 

7. Origami Paper - I love this! I can't wait to get some for my kids

8. Perler Bead Set - Another favorite of my children, they love making these 

9. Scissors - I love the fun scissors!

10. Loom - this looks amazing! 

I KNOW there are other awesome options available too! What are your IKEA art supply favorites? 

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