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August 14, 2018

5 Books I Love for the Second Plane (6+)

There are so many amazing resources online for young children when it comes to Montessori. It is so much harder to find resources that are appropriate for older children! The shift to the second plane of development occurs somewhere between 6-years-old and age 7 for most children. It marks a huge shift how a child interacts with the world. 

In the second plane of development children shift the way that they are learning. They are no longer learning purely through their experiences within the environment but abstractly through their imagination. This is the age of  "cosmic education." Montessori argued that children of this age needed to be given the world. They needed huge work, big topics, and as much information about everything as possible. But not in a way that would just drill them, but in ways that would spark their engagement and interest in the world.

"Interest will no longer be there if the seed be sown too late, but at six years of age all items of culture are received enthusiastically, and later these seeds will be expand and grow. If asked how many seeds may be sown, my answer is: 'as many as possible!'" Maria Montessori, To Educate the Human Potential

These books all fit these goals, covering a large amount of fantastic information in a way that is relatable to this age!
5 Montessori friendly books for the second plane of development (6+)

5 Books for the Second Plane Child

So, I wanted to share some resources that I've found and love at home for the second plane! These would be great for any older child book collection! 

5 Montessori friendly books for the second plane of development (6+)

Do you have any second plane books you love? 


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Nora said…
As a child, I loved a magazine we had in our 1st-3rd grade classroom called "Faces." It was sort of anthropology for kids. I wonder if it's still in print.