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May 10, 2018

Movement in Play

We're at a place right now where life feels really really busy. Even when we aren't going anywhere or doing anything, there's a constant buzz to life. A movement from thing to thing, from room to room, from inside to outside and back again. Movement is a constant. And that can feel frustrating, to me. I find myself fighting a desire to have my kids, Gus especially, just sit down and do something. 

Movement is essential - reminders to myself about movement and play

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So, I clearly need a reminder about movement. And movement in play. I need to remember:

  • Movement is essential 
  • There is concentration in movement 
  • Movement is productive work
  • Movement is hard work 
  • There is learning in movement 
  • Movement is valid 
  • Movement is an interest 
  • Movement deserves respect
  • Opportunities for movement are not optional 

Movement is essential - reminders to myself about movement and play

Nora and Gus play on this wooden climbing dome

There's a reason the freedom of movement is so important in Montessori! I cannot let my own feelings get in the way of what my children need in this moment. Even when it's inconvenient (or maybe exhausting is a better word) for me. In the words of Maria Montessori, "children are always working towards the mastery of a set of movements." 

Do you ever struggle with movement in play? 


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