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January 29, 2018

Montessori for Under $10

Montessori sometimes has a reputation that it is really expensive. Sometimes people think that in order to "be Montessori" you have to spend a ton of money on fancy wooden toys. But, in reality, there is so much Montessori to be done without spending a ton of money. There's so much that I can't possibly share every DIY, or easy to purchase product. But I wanted to share a few ideas that come to mind. 

Montessori and Montessori friendly ideas costing less than $10

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.


First, and most importantly, you can make changes to your parenting style to be more inline with Montessori. These ideas cost NOTHING and are more important than anything you could buy. This includes showing respect to your child, offering your child choices in daily life, getting on your child's level to speak with your child, following your child's interests, and just slowing down to your child's pace! These are the important Montessori changes that cost nothing but make all the difference. 


There are tons of simple changes you can make to your home to make it more accessible to your children, and therefore, more Montessori friendly. Here are few inexpensive ideas:
  • Use hooks - bring things down to your child's level 
  • Large step stool - stools are a great way to give access to your home 
  • Wooden trays - these small trays can help organize lots of materials 
  • Add a small plant - you can find plants for cheap or grow from seeds in your home, these add beauty and practical experiences 
  •  Use postcards/calendars/small art pieces and hang as low art {animals | museum art | natural art

Practical Life

Practical experiences are so important in Montessori, and so many wonderful tools can be found for under $10: 


Here are some classic Montessori friendly toys for under $10! 


And, of course, there are TONS of DIYS you can make for your child at every level. Whether you are looking for toys, traditional Montessori classroom work, or gross motor equipment, a DIY may be possible, depending on how creative you are! Here are some cheap DIY ideas: 

There are tons of other things I could add to this list, but I hope this gives you some ideas! And, remember, the most important Montessori "stuff" costs nothing at all!

What are your favorite inexpensive Montessori materials? Have any favorite DIYs? 

Montessori and Montessori friendly ideas costing less than $10. These simple inexpensive products can add some educational Montessori to your life.


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