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August 21, 2017

4 Ways to Prepare for Montessori Preschool

In just a few days Nora is off to Children's House. She will begin her first year in a primary 3 to 6-year-old classroom. She'll be there 5 mornings a week which will be a huge adjustment for all of us. I know that she is so ready to be in a Children's House community, and, on one hand, I'm so excited for her. On the other, I'm sad to give up my mornings with her. Putting my own feelings aside, there have been several things we've been doing to prepare Nora for school. 

4 ways to prepare for Montessori preschool. Here are some ways to prepare your child for Children's House.

Here are some ways we are helping to prepare Nora for the start of her first year of school! 

Increasing Independence

Now Nora is a fairly independent child! Since birth we have been giving her opportunities to learn to exert her independence. But, there is always room for more independence. And, for us this mostly includes with pottying. I would often step in to remind her to go, or to help her when she is finished. But, slowly I've had to back off to give her space to do it on her own. She won't receive help at school, so it's important she has these skills in place. This has also included things like remembering to put her own shoes on before we leave, carrying her own things to and from our car, and working on buckling her own car seat. 


We are involving Nora in all the choices that need to be made before school starts! From the type of haircut she wanted (short with bangs!) to her backpack, she is actively involved in preparing for the big day. She is making decisions about clothes, she is helping to pick school supplies. She is planting the plant she needs to bring. Anywhere where we can give her ownership, we are making sure we are. 

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Active Preparation 

As the big day gets closer and closer, we have been actively preparing Nora for her school days. We drive by her school, and talk about what it will be like. We talk about her teacher's name, how to introduce yourself to friends, and what her routine will look like once the day has begun. She has gone to visit the school and spent sometime working with the children in the community. 

We have also read a few books about starting school including Jack Goes to Montessori School and First Day of School. These have also been great conversation starters about what she will be doing and what school will feel like. Our Peaceful Classroom looks like another great introduction to Montessori school as well. 


Another area we have been working on is creating a stronger morning routine. We are used to pretty slow living around here! We don't always get up and dressed and out the door in a quick or early fashion. We sort of follow Nora's own interests when it comes to getting dressed or going out. So if that means pajamas until lunch, that's been alright. But, with school approaching, we have been getting into the habit of eating right away, getting dressed early, and being prepared to leave. We've also been working on cutting back our bedtime and getting up early in the mornings! It's hard to leave our summer routine behind! 

As you can see, Nora is beyond excited to start. I can't believe she is already at this point. Children's House is going to be a wonderful new adventure with her! 

4 ways to prepare for Montessori preschool. Here are some ways to prepare your child for Children's House.

How have you been preparing your child for Children's House or preschool? 


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