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August 11, 2017

Montessori Spaces I Love Lately

I'll never get enough of all the wonderful Montessori and Montessori inspired spaces on Instagram!

6 Inspiring Montessori home spaces from Instagram.

Seriously, so much inspiration all in one place, and such an amazing Montessori community. Here are some of the spaces that I've discovered recently that I just cannot get enough of!

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I love this baby space from Kylie at How We Montessori! It's so beautiful and that mobile is just perfect!

This kitchen space is fantastic! I love how open and accessible everything is. And the organization looks so beautiful, yet, practical and easy to maintain.

This lovely little book nook area is just so sweet! I love the natural lighting!

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What a great floor bed! I love this account and her look at raising Montessori twins!

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More sweet baby spaces! Isn't that little picture on the wall just perfect?!

Here's a space for a bit of an older toddler! I love the plants and the all the light! I wish I could grow nice plants!

And, there's your Montessori inspiration for today! 

Do you love Montessori spaces as much as I do? Have a favorite Instagram account that I need to be following?


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