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July 17, 2017

10 Montessori Inspired Trays from Instagram

My love affair with all things Instagram and Montessori is showing a little bit with this post! There are just so much great Montessori inspiration on IG, I could literally spend hours browsing through it all. While I often lust over the wonderful Montessori spaces and parenting anecdotes on Instagram, there are also tons of great Montessori inspired materials and work to use as inspiration as well. 

10 Montessori inspired trays from Instagram

So, I thought I would share some of my recent finds! Here are 10 Montessori inspired trays from Instagram to consider for your work shelves! 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

I love this simple posting work from Mindful Learning! This would be great for an older baby or young toddler, and it could easily be adapted into an object permanence work! These Grimms marbles would be wonderful for this kind of tray. 

This tong work for Montessoridoma is so cute! What an easy way for children to refine their tonging skills without having to purchase anything special. I love that it's made with a simple chocolate box!

This simple color sorting work by Elena is wonderful! I love the non-slip pad under the small glass bowls. Such an easy and fun idea for toddlers! 

I am in love with this tray! It's a reminder for me to set something similar up for Nora! Matching the different sized bolt and the fine motor skills needed to place the nuts and bolts together is wonderful! Another awesome tray for toddlers, or any child interested in tools! 

This sand tray is lovely! It's like a mini little zen garden! I can just imagine how peaceful it would be for a child to arrange the rocks or make designs in the sand with the feather! 

This little dropper work is such a classic! It requires children to be so precise and would be perfect for children refining their fine motor skills. I love the little jar with the cork top and the fun shape for the drops! 

Here is a great color matching idea! I love that laminate samples were recycled into something useful and this would be so popular with a toddler who likes to match or who is learning colors. Something similar could also be used as a DIY color tablets for the 3-6 classroom. 

This tray is working on a full-hand transfer motion for young toddlers. Using rose petals is such a brilliant idea and, I bet, a wonderful sensorial experience. And, can you imagine the smell?! Love! 

Here is a great tray idea for a child working on letter sounds. Children simply sort language objects based on their sound. I love that the tray provides a little bit of structure to help the child complete the task. 

Finally, here is a wonderful sewing idea! This would be a great way to introduce free-form sewing to a toddler or younger primary (3-6) child. A child would easily start to form that up and down motion necessary to learn to make proper stitches. And, it's all self contained which would make the tray so easy to manage.  

10 Montessori inspired trays from Instagram

These are just a few of the wonderful Montessori inspired ideas from Instagram! Hopefully, they provide a little inspiration if you are looking to refresh some of the trays on your shelves! 


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Christina @
So many beautiful ideas! I'd love to make the first one for my baby soon, I think he'd love it.
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
So much fun! And, so easy to do!