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June 28, 2017

Montessori Friendly Baby Toys at 6 Months

As Augustus gets older his need to explore the environment continues to grow. He needs movement, rich language, and a few things to explore. Here is a look at his favorite Montessori friendly baby toys at 6 months. In addition to these, he still loves many {if not most} of the toys he enjoyed at 4 months

A look at our favorite Montessori friendly baby toys at 6 months old.

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

Because he doesn't sit up yet (and is a bit slower for all physical milestones) we haven't done as many treasure basket type Montessori work for him. It's really hard for him to explore while trying to keep his body stable. We've tried a couple times but it's led to too much frustration. This is totally fine with me, there's no rush! 

Large oball -- This is such a great size and makes a really interesting noise. The smaller ones frustrate Gus since they move so quickly, but this one doesn't. It's also a little heavier which is great for building some muscle strength. 

Music Maker -- This really isn't meant for babies but Gus LOVES it. He can't make the music play yet, but he loves watching and listening to one of the kids using it for him. And he just loves holding it in his hands, so it's making the list. 

Spiky Ball -- this is part of a larger set, but he is not ready for the round balls since they move too quickly for him. 

Large Ball Cylinder -- another toy to encourage movement. This is still a little fast for Gus, unlike the interlocking disks, but he's starting to enjoy the challenge. 

Glitter Drum -- by far his favorite. Also a favorite of his physical therapist!

Fabric Blocks -- I made a set of these when Nora was a baby, so they are far from perfect, but a great size for little hands. 

Skwish -- Gus has a love/hate relationship with this one! It can bring out his biggest laughs and his biggest frustrations 

Now, we don't have all these toys available to Augustus at one time. We have a few (3/4) available in a couple places in our home, then rotate. In our living room, we still set up a small play space for him, although he is moving enough now that it's starting to become unnecessary. And, he has his shelf in his movement area

A look at our favorite Montessori friendly baby toys at 6 months old.

Some of the bigger items will just be placed on the shelf/blanket alone. Then, smaller things (like rattles/teethers) can be combined into a small basket for him. As Gus, starts to lose interest in objects, we rotate from a basket we keep in his bedroom closet. This way he never has too many choices but still has an interesting variety!

A look at our favorite Montessori friendly baby toys at 6 months old.

What were some of your baby's favorite toys at 6 months? Any of these make your list?

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Christina @
We have most of these (or similar), but I just ordered the music box, it looks great, thanks!