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October 03, 2016

Flower Arranging at Home with a Toddler

Summer is quickly coming to an end here in Minnesota. The flowers are fading, our garden has died and the leaves are changing and falling. But, every afternoon the sun heats up just enough to help me pretend that winter isn't right around the corner. Despite my dreams, dreaded winter really is coming.

Before summer was completely gone, I made this simple flower arranging work for Nora and the children in my co-op. This simple practical life tray can easily be created with any left over flowers found around your yard and some old glass jars. 

To create this work, I placed some fresh flowers from my garden in a jar of water. I included some small glass jars and vases, a small pitcher of water, and scissors on a large plastic tray. This work could be done anywhere, but I placed on our work table so Nora wouldn't have to move it anywhere to complete the work. Also on the table was a cloth to wipe spills, a metal garbage bucket, and a small wooden bowl with some cut felt to act as doilies.  

To use the work, I simply showed Nora how to pick off the leaves and clean the stems -- placing the garbage in the bucket. Then, we cut the stem down to a much smaller size. She then filled the vase she chose with water and placed the flowers. She repeated until she was satisfied with her arrangement. 

Finally, Nora placed her arrangements around our home. This classic work is so easy, yet so satisfying. Nora returned to this work several times throughout the day until the flowers had all be arranged and placed. The beautiful little vases were the perfect reminder of our wonderful summer and all the beauty found in our little slice of this world! 

Have you ever done flower arranging in your home with your toddler? What is your toddler's favorite practical life work? 

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