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September 26, 2016

A Montessori Shelfie at 27 Months

Over the past couple weeks since Henry started school full time, Nora's independent play has really blossomed. She can frequently be found working quietly alone or asking me to join her in her work. Plus, she's really starting to enjoy new, interesting and challenging materials. 

Of course, I've discussed her love of puzzles, and language materials, but a lot of other work finds its way to our shelves. And, I thought I would share a "shelfie" of what our playroom shelf looks like today. 

Top Shelf {Left to Right}: DIY Continent Globe {just for decoration}; Vintage Puzzle; Dry Pouring; Interlox Builders; Ring Counter

Middle Shelf: Animal Language Cards from Michael Olaf; Vintage Puzzle, Stacking Cone; Wooden Train Track and Trains; Stacking Barrels; Vintage Buckle Toy

Bottom Shelf: Shape Sorting Work; Vintage Vehicle Language Cards

And we can't possibly forget the barn, one of the most used toys {by everyone} in our whole house! Nora's imagination has really blossomed lately and she can spend long periods of time caring for her farm. 

Top: Terra Barn from Target 

Middle: DIY Farm Play Mat and random blanket for the farmer's bed {added by Henry} 

I love sitting and observing Nora work. And, generally she likes when I join her. However, the death stare she gave me when she caught me taking pictures of her working was a good sign to take my leave! And, my "shelfie" session was over. 

Sidenote: If you are on Instagram, check out #montessorishelfie there is so much great inspiration to be found! And, post your own so I can stalk you! 

What does your 2-year-old enjoy working with? Have you noticed an increase in concentration? 

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Elisa said…
Not related to this post, but I was wondering if Nora is still using diapers or if you already potty trained her. I'm super curious on how you face it and I would really love some tips. I know Montessori approach to toilet training starts around 12 months old and I'm one month in with a 14 months old boy and need some advice.
Julie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
LHCook said…
Elisa, I really recommend the book Oh Crap! (Terrible title, great book. ��) The author presents a very helpful, practical and Montessori friendly approach to toilet learning. It really helped clarify the process for me. I'm curious to hear when Nichole says, but thought I'd chime in and share. I wish someone had pointed me towards that book months ago!