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April 12, 2016

Montessori Inspired Space or Earth Sorting with Printable

Henry, like a lot of little kids his age, loves space. I'm sure it has something to do with his love of star wars, but also, its just so cool! There are so many great ways to learn about space, astronomy and our place in it. Lately, we have been using these Montessori inspired space or earth sorting cards.

Children love studying outer space! With these Montessori inspired space or Earth sorting cards, children can start to spot the differences between life on Earth and outer space.

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

Space and Earth Sorting Cards for Preschoolers

We have studied space many times before and some of our space work has become a stable in our classroom. In particular, our DIY Solar System mat is a constant hit! And, I'm shocked how much knowledge Henry has acquired using it! Many of our other space themed trays have also come back on many occasions! 

Recently, I made a set of sorting cards for  him. These cards included a bunch of images of either objects in space or on Earth. It was then his job to sort which belonged to which. Henry very much enjoyed this task, but the sorting was not a challenge for him. And, I was shocked how many objects in space he could name with surprising accuracy. 

Still, he used this work several times in a row before sitting back to admire it. At this point, I asked some open ended questions to engage him in a new way.

"I wonder how the things on Earth are the same as the things in space? I wonder how things are different? What are some things you see on Earth? Do you see them in space? I wonder why." 

Ultimately, he led himself to the conclusion that only Earth contained life and only Earth contained water. Despite our previous studies, this was a very new and very mind blowing idea. The open ended nature of the cards will allow us to have a variety of interesting conversations about space and our role in it. They really can lead us in so many different directions. 

Grab a Free Earth and Space Sorting Printable

The cards themselves are essentially classification cards. I made them without words so non-readers could enjoy this sorting work. Years after making these, Gus really enjoyed this work as well. 

To make these cards, I simply printed the images, cut and glued to card stock. Then, I laminated and punched the corners. 

I hope you enjoy these cards as much as we have! They are an easy way to explore both life on Earth and space. They are just one of so many cool space themed materials that you could have at home! These figures are also awesome! And how cool do these solar system magnets looks? And this model?! Pretty much the sky is the limit! 

Do your children like space? What aspects have you studied together? 

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Montessori inspired space and Earth sorting cards for preschoolers


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Unknown said…
These are beautiful! I know my kids are going to love using these sorting cards in our space unit!
Every Star Is Different
What beautiful cards! My kids LOVE sorting activities. It calms them and brings such a sense of order to things. Bulldozer especially would love these!
Every Star Is Different
What beautiful cards! My kids LOVE sorting activities. It calms them and brings such a sense of order to things. Bulldozer especially would love these!
Unknown said…
This is a great activity to help children differentiate whether things and items belong on earth or in out space. Great job!
Unknown said…
These are great printables! I love how you talked about the differences of Space and Earth too
Bess Wuertz
Bess Wuertz said…
I love the cards. But what I truly adore is how he made some major discoveries on his own.
Mama's Happy Hive
These are beautiful cards and I enjoy how you brought discussions into the learning for why things on earth are different from things in space. Also, your DIY Solar System Mat is gorgeous!
Jae M
Jae M said…
I love the idea of presenting the inner and outspace, what's happen on the planet and what's happening "out there". Can't wait to try this with the Vito next year. Thank you for sharing!