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October 28, 2014

Mini Rainbow Sensory Bottles

As a Montessori parent it is important for me that we are offering opportunities for my children to learn through their senses. While babies will mostly get what they need just by being in our homes, it is sometimes fun to offer specific opportunities to explore specific sensory experiences. Babies are often working on their visual sense in addition to their other senses. 

Montessori friendly way to introduce colors and small object to babies in a safe and fun way.
In addition to Nora's toys at 4-months-old, I wanted to create a safe sensory experience for her. What better than mini-rainbow bottles for my rainbow baby. I had seen this pin, around Pinterest and knew I wanted to do something similar. But, I wanted something smaller and more manageable for a young baby.

What I love about these is that they are first something interesting to look at, but as a baby gets more mobile they start to engage other senses. They all make slightly different sounds as well. They are all slightly different weights. They can be picked up, thrown, or mouthed. 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

DIY Mini Rainbow Sensory Bottles for Babies

To make these simple sensory bottles I found six baby safe plastic bottles. They are refillable craft bottles meant for sand art and other similar projects. I liked them because they were lightweight, easy to grab, and safe to explore. 

(2022 update: Don't get hung up on needing the same exact bottles! Any small baby-safe bottle will work. I found these bottles and these that are similar.) 

Then, I just filled the bottles with random small objects that fit the rainbow color theme. The objects are just things I had at home. Every bottle is different, but the objects included wooden beads, Pom-poms, foam pieces, buttons, ribbon, shredded paper, wrapping bows, fabric flowers, small scraps of fabric, paper clips, colored pasta, mini umbrellas, mini erasers, confetti, and other similar objects.

Pretty much if it fit into the bottle and was the right color, it went in!

I loved that they all turned out a little different from each other. They are truly a unique sensory experience on their own and as a group. Henry has been obsessed with these -- especially the yellow -- since I finished them. 

This is also a great way for older siblings to get involved in making something for their baby sibling. Older siblings can find objects, they can put them into the containers and even sort into the rainbow! 

Nora has been completely mesmerized when I introduce a bottle to her. She also enjoyed studying the group as a whole. It turned out to be a great way for her to get some tummy time in. The bottle is an easy size for her to hold and to watch. They are pretty lightweight so I don't have to worry about her getting hurt if she drops it. 

(2022 Update: These have been universally loved by my babies and those that come to my home. Gus, Teddy, and Penelope have all used and loved these easy to make DIY!) 

After the success of these, I can't wait to make some other themed sensory bottles for her!

Does your baby like sensory bottles? 

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Heather G. @ Golden Reflections Blog
You already know I adore these so much. Such wonderful colors and I love seeing the tummy time and concentration on her face while looking at them. Sharing and pinning this one!
grtlyblesd said…
Those are totally adorable! :)
Audrey said…
I just bookmarked this! Great idea!
kewkew said…
These are just the cutest little sensory bottles, so colorful. I just love the expressions on your little one's face. What a neat idea. Thanks for stopping by and sharing with Toddler Idea Tuesday. I am pinning this. Also wanted to let you know your post was randomly selected as one that will be featured this week.
I invite you to stop by again to share your ideas.
Jennifer Dawn
Jennifer Dawn said…
These look so fun and colorful! What a wonderful idea!
Unknown said…
I love the pictures of the baby looking at the bottles like ooh hh as he try to get to them.
Nduoma said…
I love this Nicole. Our bottles are no where as cool and solu still pulls them out everyday at 14 months old. Nora will enjoy these for a long time. I love those bottles and will definitely be heading to hobby lobby to find them the next time I'm in the US. Thanks for sharing
Monica Castello
Monica Castello said…
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