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May 09, 2014

On Turning 29...For the First Time

I remember this time when I was a teenager and hearing that it was someone's 30th birthday. I thought, "wow, that is really old." Funny, how time changes your perspective. 

I turned 29 yesterday. And, I feel so super not old. In fact, I'm not sure I feel all that different than I did all those years ago. Sure, I have more maturity, wisdom, stress, responsibility -- all those things. But, I still feel like the same old me. I wonder if that every changes? Will I ever wake up and feel like this older, wiser version of myself? 

For now, I'm trying to stay present in the moment. Not worry about how fast the days, weeks, and years seem to be flying by on the calendar. And, enjoy being 29-years-old...for the very first time, and all the beauty that comes along with it.

{While ignoring the embarrassingly large number of times I had to blow to get all the candles out -- let's blame that on the baby and not my age!}


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Amy @ No Greater Honors
I just LOVE the adorable pictures you capture of Henry :) Happy Birthday! I remember as a young girl, talking with a friend of mine, and we were just mind blown trying to figure out what in the world parents did to have fun! The same friend and I have talked in recent years, and laughed at the memory :) When I turned 29, I realized very quickly that 30 was looking like a beautiful age, and even 40 was getting younger and younger :) I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and that you have an even more amazing 29th year as you add new memories and more adorable faces on the blog!
Unknown said…
Happy birthday!! Your son is so cute - those photos are absolutely precious! I recently found your blog and absolutely love all of the fantastic activities you share! I've been trying to introduce more Montessori activities into our tot school activities with my son, and I love having a look through your posts for inspiration :)

I wanted to let you know, and really hope you don't mind, that I nominated you for a Liebster Award!
Laura Funk
Laura Funk said…
Happy Late Birthday! Love the Pics of Henry