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April 29, 2014

Consignment Finds 2014

Consignment sale season is here again! This past weekend was one of my favorite sales. I happen to be on the committee that plans the sale and it's a fundraiser for Henry's ECFE program. Since I volunteer for the committee, I get to preshop the sale. And, this year's sale was one of my most successful hauls ever! 

First, the boy stuff: 

This included: 7 polo shirts, 8 t-shirts, 3 sets of pajamas, a sweater and a winter coat!

I have noticed that bigger boy stuff is getting harder to find at consignment sales. There's always less boy stuff but the bigger you get {most of this stuff is 3T or 4T} the less quality stuff there is for boys. I'm sure boys are just harder on their stuff and it just doesn't last.

Next, the girl stuff:

This included: 5 sleepers, 3 onesies, 4 dresses, 2 shirts, and 5 outfits.

For me, girl clothes are the last stop I will make at a consignment sale! There is SO MUCH stuff. Here the sizes are pretty varied, but I found a pretty good variety in all sizes under 12 months. My problem was not knowing what season to buy for Nora in what size. If she grows like Henry it could completely different than her age. But for consignment sale prices, its worth the risk. 

Finally, the toys: 

These are my favorite finds! I got some amazing deals and avoided anything plastic or that required batteries. 

For Nora I found: 4 soft toys, a small bell roller, a SkipHop pull toy, a Melissa and Doug flower clacker, Manhattan Baby wooden bead rattle, small wooden xylophone. 

For Henry I found: 4 wooden vintage puzzles, wooden peg pounder, Wonder World wooden tool bench, vintage pattern blocks, wooden spinning word and animal blocks, and {the best deal I got} a Plan Toys wooden parking garage {for $18!!}. 

Toys are always the first place I go when I'm shopping a consignment sale. Wooden toys tend to go very fast and you need to move quickly. I was shocked by the selection this year, and I'm thrilled with the deals -- and so is Henry. 

Grand total for the clothes and toys -- $100!! I can't imagine buying all of this new. Consignment sale shopping is really a blessing and makes our new {mostly} battery-free lifestyle possible! 

 Have you gotten any good deals this spring?! 


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Amy @ No Greater Honors
Wow! You got some amazing things - I love the parking garage! :) I really enjoy consignment shopping, and can't wait to get started shopping here soon :) I missed our spring sale, and was very sad :( - it's funny how much you can enjoy shopping for something that's not even for you!
Audrey said…
That is such a great haul! So jealous of all the toys! I'm lucky in that my friends pass along hand-me-downs for Ted but you are right when you say second-hand clothes for kids get scarce as they slow down their growth & thus wear them out.
Lindsay said…
I'm always in awe of what you find at consignment sales! I went to one that was being held. It was mostly girl clothes, but I didn't know I was having a girl at the time. There were, like, no boy clothes. And Ethan is in regular boys sizes now instead of toddler, so they had even less. I would never have that luck! I spent 6 hours at the outlet malls the other day finding girl outfits for $1-$4 a piece clearance and, man, I only found like 10! Take me shopping! Haha.