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February 10, 2014

Letter C Tot School

Henry is almost 35 months

It's so nice to be back to easier letters where we can do some fun activities. Henry's interest in tot school and choosing to be in the classroom, however, seems to be at an all time low. He's been going through some major growth spurts lately and I think he just can't focus on anything for long. 

Either way, he's been making some major connections between the letters and their sounds lately. Its been great to see his progress as pre-literacy basics are coming together. 

On our first tray was a set of colorful counting cards I made. On one set of the cards were colorful dots from 1 to 10. Then, on the other card were regular number cards 1 to 10. Each number had a different color and the goal was to match them. I wish some of the colors hadn't been so close to each other, but it was still a great exercise in counting and color matching. 

The second tray was a one to one corn fine motor tray. I have a {ice cube?} tray that includes a bunch of small spots. Then, Henry and the co-op kids could place one piece of corn into each slot. A few of the kids actually had the patience to sit and do this tray, but Henry didn't. He would do a couple columns and move on. 

The third tray was Henry's favorite. It was an object to card matching tray. He could match small C-objects to cards with pictures of the objects, then match a word card to the others. It was a big hit for Henry, especially the cherries. 

The final tray was one of our wooden chalkboards from Virtual Montessori. These are always popular with all of the children. 

Other things we did this week included: 

Car Color Matching -- This was a popular tray from the first time we did the letter C. It was still a big hit a year later! 

Magnet Board -- Henry loves the car magnets

Sandpaper Letter Salt Tray -- This was a nice easy letter and several of the kids were drawing it in the sand after a few attempts.

Letter C Sensory Bin

Cat Shape Matching -- Another repeat from the last time we did the letter C. Henry enjoyed matching the shapes, and knew all the names. It was probably a little too easy for him. 

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Lisa @ Our Country Road
The car color matching is always a fun one!! Love your little chalkboard, too.
E said…
Wow girl, you are GOOD! :) Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!
Jen @ the mama years
I love the little mini-ice cube tray - what a great fine motor work!
Unknown said…
I love the mini ice cube tray and corn fine motor activity! Definitely pinning this one!