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July 17, 2013

Summer is All About

Summer is that one time of year where anything seems to go. I don't know why, its part of the fun. Afternoon swimming, well, sometimes swimsuits are optional. I'm not a very spontaneous person, but there is a simple joy in just living in the moment and giving in to your toddler's innocent demand to go swimming -- now!

This summer has turned out to be a little more difficult, and busy that we had intended. These moments are really helping us heal, and  remember the good in life. We are so lucky. Look at those eyes, those curls. 

Maybe it's a summertime thing, or maybe we are going to be in really big trouble -- cause who can say no to this face? Seriously? It's not getting any easier.

{Also notice the giant mosquito on his neck -- parenting photography fail}

Am I the only one finding it hard to say no this summer?


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Jen @ the mama years
I can't say no to our constant trips to the Dairy Queen. I keep telling myself it's a good source of calcium... I do love letting a bit of the 'schedule' go in the summer too. Love the mosquito on his neck. Don't worry, it's making him tough ;)
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
I can guarantee that if my Henry wasn't allergic to dairy, we would be making a lot of trips to Dairy Queen ourselves!

And, he had the biggest bite on his neck this day!
Sarah said…
Summers are the best! Glad to see Henry is loving it!