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June 16, 2013

Dear Morgan

Dear Morgan,

For 27 months, I've watched you. Every day. Watched you laugh, snuggle, play, rock, and feed Henry. And I cannot get enough of how awesome you are.

I love how protective you are of Henry. I love how you fight me to get the best spot on the bed for cuddles. I love that your idea of a perfect afternoon is napping with Henry. And, I love that you would do anything for him.

I can't imagine doing this parenting thing with anyone else. Thank you for being so amazing.

Happy Father's Day!


*These pictures were taken as part of an art project Hen and I made for Morgan*

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Steph @ The Kat Almanac
How sweet! Hen's expressions are great!
Lindsay said…
Henry is so friggin' awesome! Love his facial expressions, and no doubt Morgan will cherish these photos (and this beautiful letter!) forever! Happy Father's Day to Henry's awesome daddy!
Amy @ No Greater Honors
I love this! I have to agree with the others - Henry's facial expressions are to die for! :) I love the lay-out with the letters - definitely going to have to do something like this for my husband, even if it's for a birthday instead of father's day! It would be neat to use the same idea every year to see the kids grow :)