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June 21, 2013

Blogher13 Bloghop #4 Fashion!

So, not going to lie, I'm super nervous about how I'm going to look at Blogher. I'm probably the least fashionable person ever and I have a feeling yoga pants, a t-shirt, and messy ponytail probably aren't going to cut it. But, ugh, that's me. I do hope to go buy a few things before I leave, but still I can't guarantee it's going to be cute. 

On to the questions, feel free to judge me for the crap I walk around in on a daily basis.

- Show us one pair of comfortable shoes you'll be sure to bring.

These beat up old flats from Target are my daily staple. They are starting to show their age, but I can walk for miles in these things.

- Show us one current item in your wardrobe you'll be packing.

This is the newest shirt I own. I got it for like $6 on the Target clearance rack. I think its pretty cute?

- Show us one accessory you already own that you'll be bringing to the conference.

Hair ties are totally an accessory, right? Yeah, they are. Look, some are even colored. Yes, I'm that pathetic. 

- Show us your shapewear.  {Let's get real.  We're all going to be wearing it.}

Um, I don't own any. Oops. Turns out you don't need them when all you wear are sweatpants. 

- And finally, show us a dream outfit that you don't own but would love to, and would wear to BlogHer if you could!

I can do better than a dream outfit! Check out my I wish Blogher Style Pinterest Board! I feel like if I could just get over the prices, I could have a pretty cute wardrobe. I'm totally going to have to suck it up before I leave {nobody tell Morgan!} 

- Bonus question to add if you'd like?  Show us one hairstyle or make-up look you'd love to rock at BlogHer 2013!

Jayne promised to braid my hair...I'm holding her to it! 

What are you planning on wearing to Blogher13? Link up and share. I can't wait to see all the cute outfits!


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the naptown organizer
I think the orange from the shirt and the coral from your dream outfit are the perfect color for your skin tone and your hair color! Gorgeous! And, lol, yes, hair braiding and kumbahyah :)
MJ said…
I love this! I cant wait to see those shoes in person!!