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May 07, 2013

Toddle Along Tuesday: Things Henry Says

I think any parent of a toddler knows how absolutely hilarious they can be. I swear Henry has me laughing all the time with the things he comes up with. This week's Toddler Along Tuesday topic is all about the crazy, funny things your kids say. A few of Henry's recent hits include:

1. "Too Fife!" {Too Bright} Henry screams this all the time. Seriously, we're working him having a less dramatic reaction to the sun, but after a long winter, it's a work in progress.

2. "Daddy, I LOOOVE Pickles!" One night when we eating dinner, Henry just randomly exclaimed that he loved pickles.

3. "High five, too slow." Henry loves to pretend to give high-fives then pull away and say "too slow."

4. "Car bwoke." A couple Saturday's ago the tires on my car needed to be replaced, so Morgan told Hen that the car broke. Now its, one of Hen's favorite things to say.

5. "Mama, I poopted." Never one of my favorites to hear.

6. "Say hi to Mama pooping." Every night I ask Henry what his favorite part of the day is. One night this was his response...what a weirdo.

What funny/cute/annoying/crazy things is your toddler saying? Link up and share.

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Susan said…
I'll have to try the high five with him - too funny!
Bunkin Mama
Bunkin Mama said…
Adorable! My daughter likes to play that high five game too. Does he really like pickles? V says she likes foods but once I offer them to her she won't eat them!

Unknown said…
My toddler daughter just yelled, "I love my belly!" I thought it was the cutest thing, as is "I love pickles"!
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
oh yeah, he really does love pickles!
Beth said…
Last month, I asked my toddler, "Do you want Mama or Daddy to put you to bed?" and she replied, "Poop."

Alrighty then.