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April 04, 2013

On Our Play Shelves -- April -- 24 Months

I know I share a lot of our tot school and other learning activities, but that is only a small part of what Henry plays with each month. So, just for fun, I've decided to share what toys are on our play shelves this month. You may remember, that I set it up in a Montessori inspired way -- using low shelves, no bins, and rotating the toys in and out each month.

Here are the toys Henry is playing with in April at 24 months: {from left to right, top to bottom}

1. DIY Cloth Wipes Toy
2. *Melissa and Doug Joey Dress Up Doll
3. Baby Face Matching Game
4. *Elmo Easter Basket with several plastic eggs inside
5. Melissa and Doug Musical Box and a few other musical instruments thrown in
6. Bin of small board books

7. Larger Books -- all based loosely on our theme for the month of building/construction
8.* Basket of colorful wooden blocks -- I think they are also Melissa and Doug brand
9. Ikea House Shape Sorter
10. CAT Bulldozer

11. Little People Build 'N Drive Front Loader
12. *Stacking/Nesting Barrels
13. Duplo Read and Build Busy Farm
14. Leapfrog Letter Dinosaur
15. Pickup truck with light-up sign
16. *Melissa and Doug chunky letter puzzle

Just an FYI -- none of the links above are affiliate links but are links to my personal favorites out of these toys! Henry's personal favorites are those with a * . Those toys on top of the shelves featured, are those in "storage" for the month, eventually they will be hidden behind fabric.

I'm going to try and make this a monthly post since I already rotate the toys monthly, would anyone be interested in cohosting or linking up in a bloghop featuring what your kids are playing with each month? Let me know, if there is interest, I would love to put it together. 

On that note, what are your kids playing with this month? What's a hit? What's a miss? 

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Amy @ No Greater Honors
I love this! We have the entire collection of Alphapet books, or should I say HAD them - they have been well-loved, so some aren't there anymore. I love hte idea, and although I don't have any toys 'in hiding' from my children, I have thought about it, simply because they only play with certain toys most of the time anyway, and it would decrease the clutter in our toy library. Great post!
Lindsay said…
I love this! I SO need shelves for toy storage. We have everything in a big, stupid shipping box in my living room. It's awful. Ethan LOVES that Elmo bucket, too!

Right now he's really into playing with puzzles, balls and matchbox cars. Most of his big toys are just sitting there unused. Anything he can run around with.
Jen + Jeff
Jen + Jeff said…
Great idea for a link up! I have been lazy with my toy rotations. I plan to rotate weekly but monthly seems more realistic.
Unknown said…
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