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April 12, 2013

How I'm Getting There: Blogher13 Monthly Bloghop #2

Its time for another Blogher13 Monthly Bloghop! If you missed number 1, you can find it here.

This month our questions are all about travel!

1. Most importantly, how are you getting to BlogHer13? Plane, train, automobile?

I'm driving! Since Chicago is only about 6 hours away from here, I'm making it a road trip. 

2. Are you travelling alone or with a friend? Are you stopping anywhere on your way to Blogher13?

Right now, I don't have any for-sure plans to travel with anyone else. But, I'm not-so-secretly hoping that Jaymi will want to drive with me! 

3. What is your least favorite travel story or memory of travelling?

Oh, gosh. I HATE traveling. Hate it. I'm an anxious mess. More specifically, I'm beyond terrified of flying. My worst memory was from a trip where I flew from Chicago to Minneapolis in college to visit Morgan. It was storming and the plane had terrible turbulence  I was having a panic attack. I could barely breathe. I got so worked up that the middle-aged man next to me held death-gripped my hand for the last 20 minutes of the flight. I haven't flown unmedicated since.

4. What is your favorite method of  travel?

Like I said, I pretty much hate traveling. But my all-time favorite way to travel is by train. I took Amtrack a few times between Chicago and home/Minneapolis in college and it was great. Yes, it takes forever, but it has huge seats, lovely windows and was usually pretty quiet. It was a really peaceful way to spend a day.

5. Name one thing you'll look forward to your travels to BlogHer13?

Hands down, several child-free hours in the car! No passing snacks, no kids music, no whining/crying/chatting. I can just drive, instead of also trying to be the chairperson of the entertainment committee. 

If you're heading to Blogher13, how are you getting to Chicago? Link up and share!

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the naptown organizer
I'm pretty sure we just wrote the same post, LOL!
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
Hahah! I thought the exact same thing when I read yours this morning. We are the same person.
Diana, Down Home Traveler
I would love to go on a train ride! I'll have to put that on my list of things to try sometime!