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Henry at 2-years-old

Yeah, I know this update is a couple weeks late. Oops. But, seriously, how did we get to this point already?! Any glimpses of baby in Henry are fading and fading FAST. Maybe that's why I've been avoiding this post...I don't want to actually admit he's getting so big. 

Well...maybe big is the wrong word -- old is better. Henry is small. At his 2-year check up he was 32" tall (7th percentile) and only 22lbs 13oz (2nd percentile). His growth slowed WAY down from his last appointment at 18 months and he fell way off his growth chart. At this point our pediatrician isn't worried, although she did offer to do some failure-to-thrive testing if it would ease our minds. At this point, we've accepted that he probably is just going to be a small person -- like Morgan and I -- and declined all testing. 

We did however check his iron levels again, and they were very concerning. Henry is seriously anemic again which could be contributing to his lack of growth. He is back on iron supplements and a new diet...all of which deserves its own post. But some good health news -- Henry is totally weaned from his prevacid!!! We've had zero signs of acid reflux and he's responding really well with no medication! 

At 2-years-old, Henry is so smart, funny, and sassy. He can identify and say all the letters in the alphabet, and numbers 1-10. He never stops talking...ever. I have no idea how many words he says, and he says new things every single day. We are getting a lot of 3-5 word sentences and even some stories now. I love that I can ask him questions and he actually independently thinks of answers. We've been having more and more grumpy days again lately...but that's really nothing new for him. 

Sleep is still Henry's ultimate nemesis. Henry only naps about 2 days a week now -- usually for about 2 hours. On the days he doesn't nap, he is a crabby, tantruming hot-mess by 3:30-4:00. Its been rough. On the days he sleeps, he's 100 percent different -- happy, focused, and fun. Thankfully, he is making up for the lack of naps by sleeping for 12+ hours {most nights}! We still have an occasional awake night, but nothing like it was a few months ago. Henry did recently climb out of his crib for the first time, so his big-boy room is right around the corner and I'm really hoping it doesn't mess up his sleep. 

Henry loves so many different toys now, and is actually starting to play with stuff for more than two minutes. He loves little animals, duplos, blocks, cars, puzzles, dressing up and anything Yo Gabba Gabba. He's still obsessed with the iPad. Henry is still not very into art or doing art projects but loves all things music related. He has also become very attached to a certain knit blanket, which I attribute to him sleeping better at night.

While my tiny baby may be gone, I really am enjoying toddler Hen. He is funny, affectionate, and all around awesome. 

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kjw said…
Henry is such a handsome little boy! That's awesome that the reflux seems to be a thing of the past. And I hear ya' on the not napping. Andrew didn't nap all weekend and although he was in a fine mood I was exhausted. I really need that down time!
I know! We still do "quiet time" for about 1.5 hours a day. So he stays in his room/crib to play while I get some time. Its the only way I stay sane.
Sarah said…
Aww such a great post! I am so glad that the reflux has gone away and that he's doing so well without the meds!

A 2hr nap seems normal to me and I know of several toddler moms whose kids have stopped napping. Hopefully you guys figure things out and you all get more sleep!
Lindsay said…
The night we moved Ethan into his big boy bed, he slept 12 hours EACH NIGHT with ZERO wake-ups and began napping again. After no naps since about 16 months old, he is now napping 2 hours EVERY. SINGLE. AFTERNOON. He climbs into his big boy bed and says "night night!" and sleeps. It's hard to believe this is my child, who never slept through the night until now at 21 months old! I'm wishing you the same luck with Henry's big boy appointment!

I'm glad you declined all testing. I would have, too. Henry is awesome! I'm only 5'0", so I'm not surprised that Ethan's height is kind of teetering off. I'm curious as to how he'll be at his two year appointment. My husband is 6'4" so when Ethan was super tall for a while it made sense, but it also makes sense that he's starting to look shorter than a lot of the other kids his age. Oh, well!

Yay, Henry! CAn't believe he's 2!
He and Carina seem to have a lot in common! I still hate that we gave in and let the doctors do so much Failure to Thrive testing. What's wrong with having small kids so long as they are happy and meeting developmental milestones, you know?
Heather said…
He is so cute and getting so big! He seems so smart and sweet.
Exactly! I actually though about all the worry you and M had to go through when our Pedi offered the testing. I'm 5'3" and Morgan is 5'6" the bottom line is Henry just isn't going to be tall. I really do wish other people were ok with that.
This is so encouraging! I really hope Hen has the same reaction to his big boy room!

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