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April 07, 2013

H is for Horse Tot School

Henry is almost 25 months old.

Tot school was back this week after a two week spring break. During the break, I don't think a single day went by where Henry didn't ask to go to tot school. Then we came back this week, and he fought me at every turn. I really don't understand toddlers, so we just did as much as Hen wanted which ended up being sort of a lite week. The letter this week was H. Prior to this week, Henry could say H and recognize both an H and an h.

Letter H, tot school, horse

The first tray was a puzzle I made focusing on Henry's name. Each letter in his name had a strip with its number at the top. This way Henry could spell his name by using either the numbers (most likely since he knows that order) or by letter. Henry wasn't super interested in this puzzle and didn't quite understand it.

The second tray was a horse and foal puzzle that we rented from the toy library. Henry was really intrigued by the puzzle and made a good effort. But, it was a little challenging, and led to a few tantrums. 

The final tray were a few laminated patterned sheets I made. Then I added a few Melissa and Doug horse stamps. Henry could then duplicated the pattern over and over. Since we had washable ink, it wiped right off like a dry erase sheet. 

Henry really enjoyed stamping, but had a hard matching the colored pictures of the stamps to the outlines on the sheet. Either way, it was great fine motor practice for him and this was by far his favorite tray of the week. 

Finally we had the letter H sensory bin. This was also a big hit for the week.

Other things we did this week included:

Dot Stamping an H: This was the first week Henry finished the whole letter on his own and wanted to do more! So we broke out some pom-poms and did it that way too. 

Hammering Play-doh

Finding Letters in Soup

Drawing letters with chalk: This was the first week Henry drew a letter correctly and announced it! I was so proud because this hasn't been something we've really focused on. Henry's h and y:

Tons of playing with his Montessori Color Tablets

Tot School
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Lindsay said…
Toddlers are so weird. I did a bunch of similar activities from A week that Ethan loved for our B week (modified them of course, such as airplane to boat) and he hated them and refused to touch them. I give up! Haha.

H week looked fun -- I love that you have a toy library, that is awesome. I wish I knew where to find something like that. The stamp activity looks fun, too!

We did your baby in a bathtub activity during B week and it was Ethan's favorite!
Kirstylee said…
I love that you used washable ink for those stamps. I never would have thought to use stamps on laminated sheets of paper, but now I know I can. Thanks for the awesome idea!
Mrs. Darling
Mrs. Darling said…
I love the name puzzle you made. I think that will be perfect for my 4-year-old who is now interested in writing his name. He know his numbers up to 12, so it would just fit!
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
Thanks! I wasn't sure it was going to work, but it was perfect!
Jen @ the mama years
Toy library?! That is awesome and I wish I had access to one!
  Kammi Killeen
I'm so jealous of your toy library! I was so excited to find online that we had one here, then I called and they said it has been closes for years. Bummer.
Unknown said…
I love the horse stamps, what fun :)
Mommy Evolution
Mommy Evolution said…
Visiting from Tuesday Tots. My Family-Focused Monday hop is live now and I would love to see one of your awesome posts linked up @

Have a wonderful week.