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March 10, 2013

Tot School Farm Week 2

Like I said last week, Henry was gone for several days last week, so I decided to continue the Farm Theme at Tot School again this week.

We used the same trays as last week, which were still a big hit. So this week, I thought I would share all the other toddler farm activities we've been working on!

First up, our book bin was back this unit. Henry enjoyed the books, but still had a hard time dedicating tot school time to reading. I'm working on some big changes for our former book bin and activity wall, I just need some time to get it altogether!

Science Experiment: watch-them-grow farm capsules {Target dollar spot}. Henry loved these, and actually has still been playing with the little sponge shapes.

Lots of farm puzzles!

This was my favorite because the shapes didn't match the picture underneath. It was the perfect difficulty for Henry who has been transitioning to more complex puzzles, but still needs some help with where to place pieces.

Dot an F. But instead of using dot painters which Henry was getting tired of, I gave him stickers, which he loved.

Lots of farm themed toys including the iPlay Fun Tractor, Little People Farm, and Little Tikes Nesting Farm Animals! Farm unit seems to lend itself to a lot of great toys that make learning so fun. While these aren't necessarily geared for education, I think by playing with Hen and asking questions a lot of great learning took place.

Match the letter F game. I made a set of capital and lower case F's in corresponding fonts and colors, and then cut them apart. Henry could then match them up. He had a blast with this and played with it over and over for several days.

Dry erase tracing sheet. Henry still can't trace on his own, but will try with help. He mostly just wants to color.

Farm sheet from 1+1+1=1. I had Henry color this before we cut the pieces out and glued to another sheet. I made the mistake of trying to separate the crayons by color, which really made Henry mad for some reason -- ummm, toddlers are weird, that's best explanation for that. Anyway, he would barely color so the project was kind of a bust.

Food fun: lots of F's at breakfast!

It was a busy two weeks, but so much fun! I'm going to be sad to leave farms behind.

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Lindsay said…
I love the way you incorporate the themes into breakfast, too! So much fun! Your farm weeks looked like a blast!
Heather said…
Lennox loves those animal sponge capsules in her bath - We have some that I got a target a long time ago, but they take FOREVER to open - do the new ones work pretty quickly?

It's funny that he was mad about the crayons. The little things can get them all out of whack!
Mrs. Darling
Mrs. Darling said…
Thank you for posting a picture of the tractor toy. We have it, but I thought all the animals were missing. Now that I see them again, I'll know what to look for as I've seen them lurking. My son always chooses the stickers over the dot painters. Last week, I set out finger paints for the letter craft and he enjoyed that too.
Kirstylee said…
Everything looks like so much fun! I love that you used stickers on a dot marker page. I need to do that more with my kiddos. They love dot markers, but they love stickers too!
Jen @ the mama years
Great ideas! I also personally love those capsule-animal things. Brought me right back to my childhood!