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March 13, 2013

Montessori Inspired Cup and Ball Color Sorters

After the success of the Montessori Color Tablets that I made, I wanted to look for other ways for Henry to learn to sort colors by shade. Since Henry loves to stack, I thought these little flower pots, inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, were perfect. I used the same technique I used for the color tablets. 

So, I added increasing amounts of white paint to the blue color and painted both a clay flower pot and wooden ball. I repeated until I completed a set of five. 

The colors turned out a little too similar for my taste, so it will be a big challenge for Henry to complete. But he is sure enjoying trying. Seriously, he is in love with these. And I love that they challenge him to match the color and work his fine motor skills. 

 I could barely get pictures for this post he was so into them. I can't wait to make some more colors for him.

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Bethany said…
That is so awesome!
Unknown said…
Where did you find those wooden balls that fit so perfectly with the flower pots?
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
They were both from Michaels craft store. The little balls were sold in a bag in the wood section and just happened to fit in the little clay pots.
Aubrey @ Montessori Mischief
These are gorgeous! What kind of paint did you use? This is a double Montessori whammy- color shade matching and a one-to-one math work!
Stephanie said…
I love this idea! I was just pondering how I wanted to introduce sorting by shades of the same just gave me my answer ;)
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
I used something called Patio Paint Outdoor. I think acrylic paint would also work, but I wanted to be sure that all the color wouldn't just be absorbed by the paint. On top of the paint, I put a layer of Martha Stewart's High Gloss finish, just to protect them a little from toddler hands ;-)
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