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March 04, 2013

Glimpse of a Big Boy

Since it was farm week at tot school last week, I pulled out Henry's little people farm. When he woke up, it was out after months of being hidden away.

His sleepy little self sat down and carefully started to play. He moved the little animals so purposefully, off in his own world.

And I couldn't help but think about what a big boy he is all of a sudden. With his little conversations, sounds, words and independence.

But, I still see the baby in him. Those cheeks. Sucking on the lip. Chubby fingers. For now, that's what I'm going to hold on to because I realize its fading away. And fading fast.

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the naptown organizer
I hear you loud & clear lady. :(
Tausha Wierlo
Tausha Wierlo said…
He is soooo cute, and you get some great camera angles (taking notes over here!) Thanks for linking up with us!!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful moments captured! We have that farm set too!
Colleen said…
Your son is adorable! Just popping in from Sarah's blog. I'm a lawyer too and just wanted to say hi : )
Breanna said…
He is so adorable, hun! Thanks for linking up with us! I think Jonah would love something like that little farm! I can't wait for him to start interacting with toys - I'm so excited to see his interests! :)
~C~ said…
Your Henry is a cutie pie. :) Stopping over from the link up. These moments are my favorites - I greatly prefer these kinds of pictures over posed ones. My kids give the worst fake smiles anyway!
kjw said…
He is such a handsome little boy! And you got some really great pictures of him.