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March 17, 2013

G is for Green Tot School

Henry is 24 months old.

This week we focused on letter G in tot school. In order to work in St. Patrick's Day, I decided to do G is for green. Henry didn't quite understand St. Patrick's day connection, but still really enjoyed the activities. Prior to this week Henry could identify the letter G but not the lowercase g. After the week, he still struggles with both. G has been one of the letters he hasn't been saying consistently, he also struggles with saying "G" words.

The first tray was a glass tray and cup. In the cup were a group of 10 plastic shamrocks. On the tray were a group of numbered cards. Then Henry could count out the same number of shamrocks as the number on the card. 

Henry really loved this tray, but not to count. He really enjoyed dumping out and filling up the shamrocks or pretending to drink them from the cup. He also liked lining up the cards by number. 

The second tray was a group of gorillas that Henry could arrange by size. I thought that he would really like this tray since gorillas are pretty much his favorite thing ever. So, of course he didn't like it and never used it.

The final tray was a little cup I decorated like a rainbow, a small glass cup, and a pair of tongs. In the cup was a set of gold coins. Henry could use tongs to put the coins into the "rainbow." Mostly, he just ignored the tongs and shoved the coins into the container. This was his favorite tray of the week.

We also had the sensory bin this week. Henry played with this quite a bit too. His favorites were some little monkeys {gorillas} and some gold jacks. 

Other things we did included:

Used our pom-pom rainbow sorters

Stickers to complete letter G

Dry Erase Shamrock

Made a Shamrock

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Anonymous said…
I love your glass shamrock math activity, and I haven't done any sticker fun lately -- it's amazing how they love the most simple activities -- and not the elaborate ones that we spend a lot of time on :)
Unknown said…
You always have great ideas for your tot trays. I love that you took a pretty simple game (put small objects into a container) and turned it into a St. Patrick's Day activity with a rainbow and gold coins. Love it!