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Tot School Letter B for Babies and Bubbles

This week we focused on the letter B. Henry was on a nap strike all week so we spent less time at tot school then I would have liked, but we managed to have fun. 

The first tray was a baby face matching game I made for him using his baby pictures. Henry loves matching games and babies so I thought it would be a perfect tray for him. So, of course...Henry wasn't super into it. He played it a few times but nothing like I thought he would. 

The second tray was letter B Popsicle stick puzzles I made. I knew this would be a challenge for Henry so I didn't expect much out of it. But the goal was obviously for him to make the letters. On the back of sticks, I made the puzzles self-correcting by numbering them in the correct order in a different color for each puzzle. Henry tried to play with this but was more interested in sticking the sticks into his mouth. He also liked counting the numbers but was never super interested in making the B's. 

The third tray was two small glass pitchers and some buttons. The goal was for Hen to practice pouring the buttons between the two pitchers. Henry loved this tray. He spent most of his time each day playing with it. He tried pouring, sorted buttons into shapes, sizes, and colors, put the buttons in one by one. He could have sat all day playing with it. I didn't expect that at all. 

And, for those of you wondering about giving toddlers glass -- Henry did great with the pitchers. He seemed to understand that they were breakable and he was very careful with them. 

Finally, we had a letter B sensory bin. This was also a big hit this week. It had a large foam B, some flashcards, butterflies, a ball, buses, boats, and some other "b" objects. Henry loved the variety. 

Other things we did this week included:

Food Fun: Making Banana Bread. Blueberries shaped like a "b" at breakfast.

Dot Painted a Letter B: Henry loved this last week. But wouldn't do it at all this week.

Dry Erase B's: Henry really enjoyed this.

Baby Bath: One morning I took out our old baby bath tub, put Henry in a swim diaper and let him give a baby doll a bubble bath in our kitchen. He had so much fun. I think he spent over an hour just washing that doll and playing in the tub! 

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Lindsay said…
Ohhh my gosh, these all look so awesome. Love the baby picture matching! We're finishing colors now and then I was going to do shapes and then letters, but this makes letters seem way more fun than shapes, haha. I love all of your ideas!
Letters is way more fun than shapes! I had a hard time coming up with tons of fun stuff for shapes, but there is so much for letters!
Christi said…
great post! I definitely want to try the baby picture matching too, how cute. Also, would you mind telling me what brand doll that is? my little boys have a cabbage patch but I would love to get them an anatomically correct one that could go in the tub. That looks like a lot of fun.
You know what, I rented that doll from the toy library at Hen's school. It looked really old up close and wasn't marked, so I have no idea what brand it was. I recently saw one at a local consignment sale, and I'm kicking myself for not buying one -- they aren't easy to find.
The Pajama Mama said…
This all looks like so much fun! I seriously do not know how you have the time or energy to plan everything like this - I can't even get the dishes done most days. You are awesome!!

I also wanted to mention that Mango drinks from a glass every meal at home. They are awesome small glasses with silicone sleeves, and he loves them! I'll do a review on my blog and let you know about them.
Anonymous said…
I love your button pouring idea -- I will have to get all my "I'm never going to sew those on but I kept them because they came with my clothes" buttons out! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!
Anonymous said…
I love your button pouring idea -- I will have to get all my "I'm never going to sew those on but I kept them because they came with my clothes" buttons out! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!
Emily S said…
Hi! In your "dry erase B" pics, what is the large, clear holder (?) under the upper case and lowercase B sheet? Is to hold larger sheets of paper and use dry erase markers on? Thanks!

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