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January 08, 2013


Yesterday, our priest and a seminarian came to our house for dinner. Morgan and I had invited them over to officially bless our new home. Since the last 9-10 days {is that all it's been?} have been so dark around here, my expectations for the evening were pretty low. 

But, actually it turned out to be really healing for me. If you've never been to a Catholic home blessing, the ritual was actually really nice. First, Father read from the Gospel before doing a couple response-prayers and blessing Morgan, Henry and I. Then, he took Holy Water, made the sign of the cross on our front door and on us. Finally, we walked room to room in silence sprinkling Holy Water into each area of the house. 

As we walked, I was reminded of this post. That this this house came was truly an unexpected blessing. That good can come from the bad. That we are blessed. At this point, I'm still waiting for "the good" from this last loss. Maybe the good will be our {hopefully} rainbow baby*, maybe something else. 

Either way, we have a lot to be thankful for. More than a lot. I want to take this opportunity to again thank all of you who have reached out to Morgan and I during this difficult time. Your support during this miscarriage {and the last} has really made our lives much brighter.  

I'm going to try to remember the feeling last night gave me as I move forward from this. That, as hard as it has been to say goodbye again, the good outweighs the bad.

*In case you haven't heard the expression, a rainbow baby is a baby born "after the storm" of pregnancy or infant loss.

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Susan said…
What a lovely post! Congratulations on your new home!
The Maiden Metallurgist
Nicole, I'm so glad your faith is healing you. And also I'm glad the dinner was a success.
The Pajama Mama
The Pajama Mama said…
You are so amazing at finding the positive of even the darkest situations. You are such a good person, amazing mother, and inspiration to all us pessimists that we can and should see the blessings all around.
Kera @ Nugget On A Budget
This made me cry! You are so strong, mama. I've gone through the dark times of miscarriage and it is very hard. Every day seems to pass so slowly and you wonder when it will ever get better. I'm so glad you had the chance to do the home blessing and reflect on some of your other blessings. God is good. He brings things into our lives at the exact right times. You will have your rainbow baby. I love that term. After our first baby went to heaven, we had our rainbow girl :)