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November 01, 2012

Settling In

 Move complete{ish}. We are officially mostly moved into our new house. The move was about as successful  as we could have hoped. Stuff was everywhere. Stuff was thrown into a truck. Henry had his first, second, and third sucker to keep him occupied. And nothing was broken.

A week later, life is still very chaotic. There's painting, unpacking, cleaning, and a million other things to do. I'm kinda overwhelmed just thinking about it all. But I know slowly but surely we will get there.

Outside of sleeping, Henry is doing pretty fantastic with the transition. He's been curious and happy to play in all the new rooms. Sleeping, which of course is never Henry's strong suit, has been a different story. Over the last week, Henry has only napped 3 or so days. He has slept through the night once. I know its just an adjustment period, and hes scared of the unfamiliar environment, but it's not making life easier.

Henry's mystery virus of doom has seemed to have gone away, but he did have to be checked by a pediatric GI doctor. I'll do a full update once we get the test results back, but we are looking into the possibility of more severe food allergies.

I just hope life settles down soon and we can get back to our routine!

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Kaysha said…
Moving is no fun at all! I hope you get completely settled soon!