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September 17, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday: Vacations, What Vacation?

I've been sort of dreading this week's TAT on vacation. I wasn't thrilled with highlighting how absolutely pathetic our summer travel was. But a true vacation just wasn't in our budget or in our schedule this summer. While I felt we were running all over, all of the time, we really didn't do all that much. 

Over Labor Day weekend, Morgan and I did go to Eau Claire to hang out with our families, so I guess that will have to do for our "vacation." Hopefully someday, I'll have amazing and awesome tropical pictures to show off. 

For now, beautiful, anti-tropical, Eau Claire, WI will have to do. 

We went to the Farmers Market and Park with my Mom and sister. 

There was a lot of cousin love at Morgan's parent's house.

And of course, a run through Grandma's sprinkler!

What did you do with your family this summer? Can anyone beat me with a less-vacationy vacation? Link up and share!

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Meghan @ Crazy Casa K
Love the photo on the swing :) And hanging out with grandma is always fun!
Anonymous said…
The best we could do for a vacation was a last minute invite to join Brett's parents at a friend's cabin in Park Rapids. Lets just say it was a small cabin for two couples on different planets. We made the most of it though :P Jessie :)
Steph @ The Kat Almanac
I've always heard that EC is like the Bahamas of the midwest. He he. ;)
Lindsay said…
Hey, this at least still a vacation! We didn't go anywhere. Super sad because I only live 15 minutes from the beach, haha. These are fun -- love the cousin love photos! I wish Ethan had cousins...the downside to a super small family. :(