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September 18, 2012

18 months old!

I cannot believe it's time for another one of these posts! Two words can describe these last three months -- GROWTH SPURT! Henry is now 31.5" long (22%) and weighs 21 lbs 13 oz (19%). Most of the growth has been over the last month or so. Henry is finally wearing 12 month size pants and 12-18 month shirts. He's still in a size 3 diaper though. It felt pretty great to finally pack up the 6-9 month size pants that he had worn for 10 months.

Henry is a total ball of energy! He normally gets up between 6:30-7:00 a.m. and doesn't stop moving until he goes to bed at 8:00 p.m. He climbs, jumps, runs, and slides. His favorite things to do are go to the playground, ride in his cozy coupe -- which he affectionately calls Buddy Buddy -- and play with food in his play kitchen. He is obsessed with all things Sesame Street. His favorite color is yellow and he will point out the color whenever he sees it.

Over the last three months, food has remained a friend for Hen, especially during the growth spurt. Henry seriously ate more than me a lot of days. For breakfast, he was eating a package of instant oatmeal, two bowls of cereal, a whole banana, and milk. Then, he would turn around and eat snack an hour later! Crazy! Thankfully {for our food budget} Henry's eating only stayed like this for about 3 weeks and we are back to normal lately.

Henry still nurses, but we are down to once a day before bed. He is also still allergic to dairy and intolerant to chocolate. We have cut back on his reflux meds -- he now takes one adult sized pill of prevacid per day. Personality wise, he is still very much a grumpy guy a lot of the time. He is also very particular and knows what he doesn't like. I see this face a lot --

Henry has continued to be extremely verbal these last few months. I've completely lost count on how many words he says. A rough guess would be around 100. His newer words have been compound words like "butterfly," "baseball," "bumblebee," "outside," and "tomato." He never stops talking. A lot of the time he just rambles on and I have no idea what he is saying, but it's so "real." He pauses in all the right places, has inflection, and makes eye contact. We are just missing the translator.

That leaves sleep. Which I can't go into now, because Henry just woke up. Yep, he's not sleeping through the night anymore. But that's a post for another day...

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Kate_at_TAL said…
i LOVE the one pic where he's sitting at the table with the crab shirt on. he's so stinkin cute! super jeal that he's still nursing.
kjw said…
He's growing so much! I am very jealous of his eating - I wish we could get Andrew to eat like that.
Heather said…
Happy 18th Month Henry! The crab shirt is so cute!!
Lindsay said…
Happy 18 months, sweet Henry! I love his tongue sticking out photo. What a cute boy!
Shannon said…
He is so cute. BTW I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. Here is the link:
The Halbert Homestead
He is such a cutie! I love the toy box picture!