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Red, White, and Blue

Henry is almost 16 months

In honor of the 4th of July, tot school's theme was red, white, and blue! It was a ton of fun, and a great theme.
The activity wall was the exact same as last week. Hen really liked the weather wall again, and now when I tell him its "sunny" he can pick out the sun and put it up. But, like a lot of the midwest, this week it was so hot and sunny everyday that he really had no variety.

The tot trays were this week's big win! Henry absolutely loved all three trays. The first tray was the sensory bin. It was filled with a bunch of red, white, and blue objects including a bunch I got on super sale. His favorite things were a blue sparkly necklace, wooden stars I painted, and some jacks. This week, I also included a sensory water jar on the tray. It was filled with some star confetti, pompoms, and glitter. Hen had a blast shaking and spinning it around.

The second tray was blue bowl filled with red, white, and blue pompoms in a bunch of different sizes and textures. The bowl was an ice cream bowl from the dollar bin at Walmart and included a matching spoon. Then, Hen had two ice cube trays -- one blue, and one red star shaped. He could then scoop the pompoms from the bowl into the trays. Most of the time Henry got to frustrated with the scoop and would do it by hand. But he did make a really good effort. He also really enjoyed stirring all the pompoms, or just throwing them around the room.

The third tray was the do-it-yourself flag I posted about earlier. Henry actually really liked trying to put the flag together. He liked watching me put it together and destroying it even more! At times, Henry would try and add other objects to his flag, which was really cute to watch. By the end of the week, he was saying the word "flag" and could point to the stars and the stripes.

The book bin this week was fine, but actually only included a couple books. We were so busy last week that we didn't make it to the library. Thankfully, I knew we would be busy, so I had picked a couple up the week before just in case I never made it back. Hen's favorite was My Flag Book by Sarah L. Thomson

Other things we did this week:

Ate a red, white, and blue lunch.

Colored with red and blue markers on white paper.

Played with flashcard I printed off from Memorizing the Moments. We only used these a couple days, but Henry loved them. He would point and ask what the objects were, or I would ask him to find something specific.

Painted a flag. I painted a piece of cardboard white and let it dry. Then, Hen and I painted the blue and red together. We then glued the star confetti to the blue section (I handed him the stars with glue, like stickers).

Played with 4th of July themed stickers.

Tot School

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Claire said…
Nicole when you make your sensory jars for Henry do you glue the lid on? I would like to make one for Lillie but I'm worried that after a few times being thrown on the floor it will explode :).
I don't actually. Henry is really rough and its never broken. I think it helps to leave a little room for air in the top. Also, with all that stuff its actually kind of heavy, so he has a hard time throwing it too hard.

I also use a plastic mayonnaise jar because it doesn't leak and is a flexible plastic. If Henry even tried to open it, I would just hot glue the lid.
Leah said…
I love your ideas for teaching your little one! So happy to have found your blog. I am just now starting our 2nd unit (on foods/eating) with our little one who turns 13 months this week. I will have to bookmark your blog so I can use some of your ideas for inspiration! Thanks! Leah @

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