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May 29, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday: Shopping

This week's TAT topic is all about your favorite places to shop. Since I've pretty much ignored my own needs since Henry's birth, I have no idea what my favorite stores are anymore. My body is so different I couldn't really even tell you what size I wear.

So, I'll just focus on Henry.

My philosophy when it comes to baby stuff, is buy cheap and buy used! While I'm still trying to get garage sale shopping down, I have already discovered the awesomeness that is consignment sales!

I got this haul - including the chair -- at the last JBF sale for about $30!
If you haven't checked out a children's consignment sales I highly recommend them. You can get great name brand, new clothes, toys, and books for great prices. For example, my last sale I went to I got 5 pairs of Carter's brand fleece pjs for $2 each!

A couple of my favorite local consignment sales are the Just Between Friends sales and the ECFE Sale in Roseville. These sales both occur twice a year and have really great stuff. The JBF sales are held all over the country (including several locations in the twin cities) so if you aren't here check to see if your area has a sale.

ECFE Sale - Girl's side
ECFE Sale - Boy's side
The JBF Edina sale is actually in just a couple days and I cannot wait to go and try to get Henry a bunch of great stuff!

What are some of your favorite stores? Link up and share!

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Lindsay said…
We got great stuff at Just Between Friends a few months ago! So much fun, too.
Unknown said…
Roseville, CA? I'm totally from Sacramento,Ca area. (not living there right now though) I've been to one JBF's and they're great!
Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky
I went to one back in WI and was totally overwhelmed. I'll have to try again!
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
The key for me is to bring cash, that way I don't just impulse buy everything I see.